Danse Macabre

by Mr Four Fingers on July 2, 2012

Goat Tee - Danse Macabre

Whilst going through some bookmarked websites I found that Danse Macabre is currently having a clearance sale with all t-shirts being priced at £5. I bought myself Goat Tee and figured I might as well give the guys a quick review. The Danse Macabre (Dance of Death) brand itself is coming to an end but where this one is dying another new project is replacing it called Wood & Nails. This new brand/ collective also features dark symbology but with far less horror.

The cute little pigs munching intestines and gruesome illustration style is intense and I bloody well love it. Strangely enough I wore this on the same day as I went to the Inside Out animal exhibition at the Natural History Museum where they have various animals plastinated so you can see the muscles and all the organs. So I indeed had the opportunity to see Goats entrails.

The branding on the t-shirt is non-existent  which is unusual. It Will be good to see if his next t-shirts from the new brand have some of these details which are important to ‘owning’ the garment. The design is two colour screen print onto Gildan Softstlye t-shirt.

Included with the t-shirt is a well written mission statement and is signed by the person who prepared the order which I think is a nice touch. On the reverse side there is a return form “in the unlikely event” they mess up the order. Not seen that before with regards to buying t-shirts but I like it as it shows they care about good customer service.

If you like grisly and twisted illustrations then head over to Danse Macabre store and buy one before they are all gone. I quite like the description for the ‘Sieze the night’poster as they state that you can buy for £1.50 but they will fold in half and post unless you buy a tube for £3.50. Quite amusing.

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