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by Chris_S on July 7, 2012

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Portgual hasn’t given a lot to the world, to be honest. You’ve got a lot of salt cod (but that’s also popular – and more associated – with Scandinavian countries), and Christiano Ronaldo (who isn’t necessarily the best face you want to put forward). But now there’s another thing to add that Portugal has contributed to the world: Black Thunder Clothing Company.

Black Thunder was founded in 2008 by the graphic designer and illustrator André Silva, and they put out a variety of brash and bold t-shirts which would look great on the streets of Lisbon or some other continental city. Oversized illustrations and ballsy type make this the sort of thing you wear if you want to get noticed, but it’s quite hedonistic (especially their lookbook for the Summer ’12 line). We’re pleased to say that they’re Portgual’s first entry on HYA, and we’re happy to welcome them.

If this sort of thing’s your style, then the shirts are priced fairly competitively, from €12.50 to €15. It’s maybe not the sort of thing I’d wear (I like my designs more subtle), but there’s definitely a market for this sort of shirt when done well – and to my eyes it seems that Black Thunder are doing precisely that.


    Hi guys!!! I laughed about Cristiano Ronaldo! Believe in me, we got really good stuff in our country. ahah

    Thanks a lot for your review!! I’m really happy with your words but I just need to fix that we don’t pretend to be hedonists at all. The lookbook it’s just a vision about the ‘Wasted Youth’ (which is the subject of our snapback).

    Cheers from Portugal !!

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