Notorietees: Shirts With Buzz #4 (Bikini Onesie, Plumber’s Crack, Justin Bieber Pussy Cat)

by Travis on July 12, 2012

>Is a bikini-print onesie appropriate for an 18-month old toddler? Oh, the horror. Won’t someone, anyone, think of the children? [Huff Post]

''It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow red polka-dot bikini...''

>One of three tees created for a German PSA to recruit would-be plumbers to the trade. The copy translates thusly: “More attractive than you think.” [Buzzfeed]

Pipe dreams are made of these

>Justin Bieber is a total pussy. [Shopgoodie via Buzzfeed]


>Pepper Potts, excuse me, Gwyneth Paltrow, wants to sell you a $90 t-shirt. For that price, it better be soft (I’m sure there’s a Cold Play pun in here somewhere, I just can’t seem to finesse it out…). [Goop via Celebitchy]

Great Expectations

>Winning the Internet for the last week or so. [T-Shirt Hell FB]

File Under: Awesome Amputees

>Health Care reform here in the States – of which I am most certainly a proponent – continues to provoke angry recriminations on both ends of the political spectrum. The one below was fashioned by the Republican Party for fundraising purposes in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld Obama’s signature legislation. [Buzzfeed]

Putting the mad back in mandate...

Created in response (presumably) to:

Coming in hot.

>That old warning about age-appropriate clothing comes to mind… [NO ONO FB]

I just puked in my mouth.

Likewise, there’s this. [Source unknown]

Where's the question mark?

>Finally, takes a look back at the year in logo jacking appropriation and rock tees. [Rack City]

Building a better mousetrap?

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