MyFight Empowers the World Through T-shirts

by Heather Abbott on July 13, 2012

Faded Hand shirt

“We are more than a t-shirt brand.”

You’ve heard that one before, but for MyFight, that line rings true. MyFight is a movement whose main goal is to abolish poverty by working with those impoverished. Through the sale of t-shirts as well as donations, MyFight is able to help impoverished people microfinance loans. These loans can empower them to make a a positive change and an eventual profit. According to MyFight, even a donation as small as $250 can bring a person out of poverty forever.

The microloans provided by MyFight are often given to women in developing economies and, with time, they become part of a global solution rather than a temporary social bandaid. The option to microfinance lets the impoverished culture get on its feet and cycle the money back into the society, rather than receiving a one-time donation.

Animal Tank

In nutshell: you buy t-shirts, they make loans, and the world helps itself go ’round. Check out what they have to offer, here, and if you’d like to submit a t-shirt design to them to sell, please visit here.

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