The Ghoststar Original

by Ben_P on July 15, 2012

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I think this has been a little while in the backlogs of HYA I’ve now gotten around to checking out Ghoststar, I must admit I’m impressed and a bit shocked that I’ve not heard of them before, they seem absolutely professional and their designs are something I’d expect to see in more alternative shops (at least here in England).

As they say while not elegant the craftsmanship is there, these designs have clearly been well though out and look impressively executed. While I’m not a huge fan of designs where there is a lot going on I can still appreciate the effort and time that has gone into creating these. There is certainly at least 4 tees I would be willing to slap my hard cash down for.

I particularly like the fact that they also sell Polo shirts but taken back that they don’t do vest tops or have alternative colours to black. I think the styles of the designs would suit a vest top. The prices range from $20 to $50, the polos being the more expensive due to the embroidery, it’s a shame they haven’t put a close up image of the embroidery because it’d be interesting to see the quality of it, however judging by the patches they also sell the quality does seem very good.


They also sell a pair of force frequency gloves (not that I really know what force frequency means!) and the awesome vampire stake which would be kick-ass to own. I’m a bit curious as to why a brand called ghoststar is also selling vampire stakes, but you know they’re still cool! I’m also not quite sure how they are genuine… have they been used?! I’d like to think they have. Yeah, in fact I’m sure they have!

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