“Don’t listen to Drake” t-shirts by Worldwide Scoundrels

by Andy on July 19, 2012

don't listen to drake t-shirt

I’ve never listened to Drake, and I don’t really intend to, all I know about him is that a woman had his name tattooed on her forehead, and he got in a fight with Chris Brown, which I’m cool with because Brown seems to represent the worst kind of manchild that the entertainment industry creates, so seeing him being taken down a notch or two is okay in my book, even if I am typically very anti-violence.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t know what this shirt is about, but I’m going to guess that like most rappers he was underground, became popular, got accused of being too mainstream, and now there’s a backlash.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Digital Gravel in White or Black

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