Threadless New Today / Back Today (18+19/07/12)

by DeeHYA on July 19, 2012

Bit of a two day catch up! Had a shoot last night and I was super sleepy when I got in!

New today yesterday is a pretty basic tee, and I’m super I have mentioned on my Threadless blog 1000 times how much I dislike skull tees! Music Piracy by Stuart Colebrook is a novel way of deal with the concept of music piracy! I first saw Punisher when I saw it but I think that adds to it’s charm.

Back today yesterday is a design which I think looks quite clumsy or like it’s been drawn by a child but I can see this adding to the appeal for some. Lost at Sea by Jared Stumpenhorst (awesome name) is a tee which I think totally suits being on a girly boatneck tee! Which matches the theme! Huzzah!

New Today for today! Tasty Thursday is Occupational Hazard by Eric Fan. The chipmunk has been really well drawn, the detail is great. I feel very sorry for Mr Peanut but I expect this tee to be reprinted!

I love the colour combo on today’s reprint. Midnight Worker by Chow Hon Lam has a gorgeous mix of blue and black and the moon is so vivid on this tee. I’m very pleased that this has been printed for kids too because it’s a tee I would be proud to put on my kiddies.

Got a few other reprints too! Just going to pop a couple which need buying on the end of this blog. Firstly I got a ‘we reprinted a design you requested’ email and here is said design. I need to get this for my fella at some point. It’s super original, it’s Sky Aperture by Tang Yau Hoong! Has only been reprinted for guys though.

This is winning so many cute points that it’s stupid! What is not to love about Moonstache by Lim Heng Swee, another black tee but such a good tee! Thank you Threadless! :)




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