Daily news & t-shirt releases for July 25th

by Andy on July 25, 2012

doctor who t-shirt

John Sumrow has a Doctor Who shirt at TeeFury today.

Some gossiping ninjas are at Shirt.Woot.

Nice 8-bit Megaman t-shirt at RIPT.

Very wearable shirt at DBH.

‘My Neighbour Cthulu’ is at Qwertee.

Leonardo is up at Shirt Punch.

What’s the reference on this The Yetee design?

Nice Zelda artwork at TeeRaiders.

There’s an accurate though average IT Crowd shirt at Tee Busters.

6dollarshirts take a stand against the scourge of duck face.

Complex scrape the bottom of the barrel with “The 50 Funniest Slogan T-Shirts“.

Ali Larter wore a Burger King t-shirt. The Daily Mail apparently thinks this is news, and I only make it worse by following their lead.

Here’s a nice bit of t-shirt upcycling for the ladies.

Tee Gazette list their picks for July at RedBubble.

Nicole Scherzinger wore a rather rude Van Halen t-shirt last night.

As ever please do visit Rigu and make a purchase if you like something, supporting it, me, and HYA.

  • Yurgen Knergen

    I think The Yetee tee is a 300 inspired design. The character played by Gerard Butler was called King Leonidas. Plus one of his catchphrases was “TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL!”

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    In hindsight, that’s really quite obvious.

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