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by DeeHYA on July 28, 2012

Hey y’all! I’ve been on my hollibobs this week, and I’ve got my Ma staying next week so my Threadless blogs are going to be all over the place with New Today / Back Today, I will do my best though.

Monday New Today tee was a funky twist on Golidlocks and it’s already sold out so if you’ve missed it you’re going to have to wait for a reprint! The Bearshevik Revolution by Ian Leino shows amazing originality and a tee with that will your friends laugh! I expect to see this reprinted very soon!

Monday’s Reprint is dark and full of detail Urban Life Cycle by Dede Yasjkur is a thing of beauty the colour patterns and intricate silhouettes make this an individual and desirable design. I’ve just notice the creepy skull part of it when I uploaded the image of the design. Dark, I like it!

I can see why Tuesday’s Newbie tee was printed! So striking and on top of this it’s a charity tee! Who doesn’t like to do good and look good!  Water, Life Support by Budi Satria Kwan, it conveys a message and looks amazing and 25% of the sale from each tee goes to support WellDone a charity which raises awareness and helps to provide clean water for people in developing countries.

Next design is quite bland in comparison to the tees so far. Skydivers by Jay Fleck, is a peaceful pale blue tee featuring little blokes jumping off clouds. This tee would probably be a bit bland for me but I think that the moon and clouds look really nice. This tee was Tuesday’s reprint.

Wednesday brought a tee I wouldn’t wear in a million years, I don’t know if it’s because I am a parent or a prude but I hate tees with swears on no matter how offensive they are. S-HI-T by Gulshan Kishor and Mellin Paulo Bernardo is one I will let you make your own opinion on.

The following tee is one that I will openly admit to have added to my Threadless basket many a time but I haven’t actually purchased it for one reason or another. Mademoiselle Galaxy by Matthew Dupuis is a tee definitely aimed at the lady Threadless community, this abstract version of the solar system got me all giddy!

I can’t work out what I think of Pinata Anatomy by Carmichael Collective, I think it might be one of those tees that you have to see in person. As far as the images of it goes it just looks like a colourful blob on a white tee. I like the concept though.

Thursdays Reprint was 99 Luftballons by Rose Zietz, seems a bit strange to have this one in the same week as the SkyDivers one and I don’t see the appeal apart from maybe if your favourite song is 99 Red Balloons.

Yay! Finally on to Friday! Newbie tee I love and I reckon it’s probably gonna sell out pretty sharpish. Pirate Pirate by David Soames shows a perfectly symmetrical pirate, two hooks, two eyepatches, two parrots, you get it? I wish there was a bit more colour on this tee but the design is top notch!

Bit darker but still with an animal flavour for Friday’s reprint we have Wolf’s Night Off by Florent Bodart. This tee basically features different animals howling at the moon. Well executed and perfect for those who adore monotone tees with a space flavour!









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