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August 2012

Post image for Miley Cyrus wears another t-shirt, but this time it’s pretty cool

Last time I mentioned Miley Cyrus I clearly wasn’t in a good mood, but I can’t really blame Miley for being more popular than Hide Your Arms, it’s not her fault, and every so often she does wear a pretty cool t-shirt, like this cut back number she was spotted in earlier this week in Philly.

Fun fact, I’ve visited the bank in the background… I think.


Post image for Storenvy driving to 20k market stores, enticing more with free add-ons

Storenvy, the internet’s only combo hosted store-builder and community marketplace, is getting close to having a whopping 20,000 stores on their platform (19,207 at the time of writing), and they really want to climb that hill, so they’re offering a bonus for people who give them a little push.

If they reach 20,000 stores by Monday night (PST, I presume) they’re going to give all the stores on their network their ‘super discount codes’ feature for free for a month, when it would usually cost them $2.99 per month. I know it’s not the most massive of incentives, but if you were thinking of checking out Storenvy for your store then now would be a great time to open account and get testing.


Lets play the granade [Submitted]

by Andy on August 31, 2012

Post image for Lets play the granade [Submitted]

Play Granade is new brand from two Latvian aces. You should definitely check out our page to check out super awesome photos in our flickr link also there is link to webshop to meet with our creative mind blowing work. And yes, you should definitely check out our social life to join super fun adventure in future. //

Andy: Well, these guys certainly are quite excitable, and I’m pretty sure the first HYA post about a Latvian brand. Favourite design for me is the grenade logo print.


Post image for Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe hit A Better Tomorrow

I’m not an avid viewer of Spongebob Squarepants, but I’m not entirely sure what Patrick would have done to piss off Muhammad Ali so much that he had to knock him down. Similarly, I don’t know what happened to Marilyn Monroe but I think it makes for a fairly cool t-shirt at A Better Tomorrow.

Costiness=€22 Buy them at ABT


Post image for Posting Glennz tees is like shooting fish in a barrel…

… you always know you’ll get a hit. Awful joke aside, this shirt is pretty much par for the course for Glennz, though I don’t think it’s one of his best. Also, all tees are $15.95 until Sunday in the G-man’s store as part of his Summer sale.

Costiness=$15.95 Buy it at Glennz


Almaic brand release [Submitted]

by Andy on August 30, 2012

Post image for Almaic brand release [Submitted]

Almaic is a culmination of the culture and creativity that has been in my bloodline for hundreds of years. My family fled from Iraq in the early 90’s seeking political refuge and it was in America where I fully embraced my artistic abilities. Almaic was created as an outlet for me to showcase my gift as well as leave my imprint on the world. I have chosen to focus the brand on the juxtaposition of hip-hip culture, modern design and my heritage in combinations that blend the abstract and the authentic. As I continue to embrace my past and present while focusing on cultivating meaningful relationships with the people, places, and things I come across in my future the brand will live and evolve as I do.

Andy: Is it just me or is the description here quite a lot more dramatic and… ‘wordy’ than you would expect when you see the items being sold? The designs are perfectly fine, but it’s hard for me to connect with them when they’re associated with a part of the US I’ve never visited (Portland and the North West), which is why I’m making fun of the text when really I should give someone that had to flee Iraq a bit more respect than that.


Post image for A t-shirt from Threadless to help with Philippine flood relief.

When I saw that Threadless were selling a t-shirt in support of Philippine flood relief I wondered if AJ Dimarucot would be behind the design, and of course he is, which is good because that virtually guaranteed that this shirt would be great. 100% of net proceeds from sales go to Architecture for Humanity’s Philippines Floods Response Program. You can find the shirt here, please don’t click on the first link to Threadless in this post, that’s an auto-link to my affiliate link and I don’t think it would be right for me to make money out of a charity tee.


Post image for Dexter, the Mars Rover, and… WTF is an owlbear? All at Tshirt Laundry this week

The ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ shirt is a bit of a cheap gag at Tshirt Laundry this week, and since I don’t know/care what an owlbear is that means that the Dexter-inspired Bay Harbor Butcher shirt is the de facto winner of this weeks meaningless competition of me choosing my favourite.


Daily t-shirt releases for August 30th

by Andy on August 30, 2012

Post image for Daily t-shirt releases for August 30th

‘The Black Knight Rises’ at TeeFury today, forcing Monty Python and Batman to kiss in a closet even though they don’t really want to. The image is perfectly good, but would you really want to wear this on a t-shirt?

Shirt.Woot have a design about red shirts that isn’t printed on a red shirt…

‘Space Time Impressionism’ one of my favourite Doctor Who shirts for a while, good work RIPT.

As usual I feel that DBH have too big of a print.

I don’t know what a Chocobo is so I can’t really say if this shirt at Qwertee makes sense or not.

Part of me is a little disappointed that Shirt Punch have put out a Keep Calm tee since I always thought they were about that kind of thing.

This shirt at The Yetee is based on a game called Snow Bros which has apparently passed me by until now.

‘Neighbourhood Friends’ makes me smile again at it’s new temporary home of OtherTees.

True Blood’s club meets Disney in a shirt at TeeMinus24.

Baconator is a shirt at TeeRaiders that I would only wear if I could BBQ more.

I know that the whole meme is pretty silly, but this Nyan Catwoman design at TeeBusters made me smile.

6dollarshirts have a t-shirt that was pretty lame in the 90s and probably hasn’t had enough time to become ironic yet.


Post image for Science and Star Wars restocks at Sneaky Studios

It’s not often that I’ll give a simple store restock much attention (unless it’s at Rigu, of course, in which case it is huge news), but I really like these designs from Sneaky Studios so I thought you guys would like to see it mentioned. Oh, and anyone that mentions the price (which is in NZD, FYI) in the comments will receive and overly long reply from me telling you to stop being so cheap.


Last chance to save 15% at Split Reason

by Andy on August 30, 2012

Post image for Last chance to save 15% at Split Reason

You’ve got today and tomorrow to use the code SUMMER to get 15% off at Split Reason and after that you’re just going to have to pay full price like a chump.


Post image for FFee Clothing don’t want Summer to end, are having a 30% off sale

You’ve got a couple more days to get 30% off at FFee Clothing with the coupon code sunnyday in their end of Summer sale.


Post image for “Camp Cannibal” shirt from A Better Tomorrow

I’m a little confused by this design at A Better Tomorrow, I quite like it but the style makes me think that it’s a reference to something rather than original art, but I can’t work out what that reference might be, a little help guys?

Costiness=€19 Buy it at ABT


Daily t-shirt releases for August 29th

by Andy on August 29, 2012

starfox t-shirt

Shirt.Woot have a Starfox shirt that people are finding a bit disappointing since it doesn’t use every letter of the alphabet in the sentence, which does kind of ruin the point of using that particular sentence.

Thundercats are given the college treatment at RIPT with what I feel is pretty nice artwork, it’s certainly had more effort put into it than most college style shirts.

If you want to cover your torso with a bear then boy to DBH have a shirt for you.
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