Threadless : A Week of New Today / Today (30/07/12 – 03/08/12)

by DeeHYA on August 5, 2012

Sorry it’s a bit late again! My Ma was staying over and I was scared she was going to ask me about how computers work again if I blogged when she was here! However here are our Threadless additions from last week!

Monday Monday Monday! Hate ‘em, dreading tomorrow already. Newbie tee for last week Ready for Battle by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo, I do like the colours but I don’t enjoy when a design is made to look like a skull, it’s been done before. Come on people.

Ah Monday’s reprint, I’d say this is probably the weakest link of the week and I am glad they got it out of the way Love the Bomb by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini, it’s on an Asphalt tee, literally all I like about it.

Not a massive fan of Pandas but I know some peeps go absolutely Gaga for them, I also don’t own any green Threadless tees but I am feeling the joy of Bank Robbery Bear by Aled Lewis. This is a tee for cute points and giggle points!

Ah so this tee has been reprinted again. I have told the tale many a time of how I ordered this and got sent the Zombie Audrey Hepburn instead by mistake. Zombies in Wonderland by Alice X Zhang & Donald Lim is a gorgeous and detailed design that gets reprinted so often I fear I bore you with it!

New on Wednesday was a silver tee with a Steampunk feel, plenty of people feeling the Steampunk vibe at the moment, I am yet to feel the pull. By Appointment Only by Travis Pitts is interesting but I’m not sure I’d class it as well designed. Not one I’d wear myself.

Next tee, Wednesday reprint, is a bit of a boregasm, maybe why they have sneaked it in in the middle of the week. Elephant by Florent Bodart is a tribal elephants trunk pattern. Again it’s quite a weak design and I think it would benefit from being a charity tee. I’m also not too sure if it works as a V-Neck.

I like a tee that is quite literal and basically gives it to you straight. Greetings from Outer Space by Eric Zelinksi is a very likeable tee, I could absolutely see this on me and my boyfriend and I am gutted this isn’t available in kids fit.

There are quite a few tees like this reprint floating around so I’m guessing the concept of an ipod being a young whippasnapper is something peeps like emblazoned on their chest region. Grandpa Cassette by Zack Finfrock is green and funky and if I was scoring it I’d give it an 8/10! Loving the model shot!

Brand spanking new forFriday and most probably my fave of the week Cleaning Up by Alex Solis, powerful colour combo of Red and Yellow and also hilarious concept. Sure this will be snapped up swift and reprinted often!

Reprinted on Friday I have to say pretty drab in comparison to poop scooping clown, We Are Made of Carbon by Matthew J Elliot will grab the attention of eco warrior types though, almost surprised that this isn’t a charity tee. Not an explosive final tee for the week unfortunately.

Also have to share this image of my little boy wearing ‘Breaaad!’ by Philip Tseng. He is all shades of cute in it even though it’s a tidge too big.







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