“Doc’s Delorean” Back to the Future t-shirt by Sneaky Studios

by Andy on August 7, 2012

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I remember thinking as a kid when I watched Back To The Future for the first time that going 88mph was really impressive and fast, but looking at it now it’s not really that fast, hell, I’ve driven vans nearly that fast on the autoroutes of France and still been on the right side of the law. Cool shirt though!

Costiness=$40 Buy it at Sneaky Studios

  • Projectkmo

    Rather than post something rude….I’ll just LOL at the price. Very Cool design/shirt but in the land of the $10 – 12 Tee, I have a hard enough time justifying spending $20 – 25.

    $40??? is just ridiculous!

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    1. It’s $40 in New Zealand dollars, which is about $32 US.
    2. It costs more to have a t-shirt produced in New Zealand due to import costs.
    3. $10-$12 is the realms of TeeFury and RIPT, brands who are shipping hundreds (thousands?) of t-shirts and so can get the best wholesale prices and run with a smaller profit margin.
    4. It’s unfair to measure all companies by the pricing structure of larger businesses, think of it as going shopping at Walmart compared to a farmer’s market.

  • lizzy j

    I think it’s a very cool shirt, i’d pay $32 for it – thats about £16 ish isn’t it in UK?

    As Andy said moooosive companies can produce shirts for cheapness but smaller companies can’t. I’m all for supporting the indie brands ,

  • lizzy j

    ooh it’s about £20 but i’d still pay that , my maths is pants ha ha

  • Projectkmo

    I concede that those are all excellent points and good things to consider when gauging “costiness”.

    Still, there have been a number of designs that I’ve liked at more expensive sites and have later seen make it to the likes of RIPT, TeeMagnet etc… maybe I’ll get lucky and catch this one like that.

  • tonygraystone

    Hi Projectkmo, im the desiger. Thanks for digging my work :-) Andy’s pretty much nailed it in explaining relative costs (cheers Andy) You could even add the crash of the US dollar in there too!

    Simply put, if you appreciate original design/quality product made with love and sold directly from the designer, buy from a boutique brand like mine.

    If you want a cheap tee produced in the thousands for bottom dollar. Shop at a Thredless style company.

    FYI- i dont and never will sell my work through those style sites.

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