Threadless New Today / Back Today (06/07-08-12)

by DeeHYA on August 7, 2012

Threadless tees so far this week, so what do we have?

Newbie tee yesterday, Fishbone by Basotta: Anton Baso & Ttrubnikova, is an odd mixture of colours and on the model pics it’s quite hard to work out what is going on with it. I find it equal amounts of intense and gross. Not sure the white tee works.

Oooh I enjoy the awesomeness of this reprint. Pandas last week, Pandas this week, and zero Zombies. Are they taking over the world? Ultimate Fusion by Chawit Waewsawangwong is a polar bear and a black bear doing a funky mash up to become a Panda. Hurrah!

Fresh for today on Threadless, a tee which is showing some super originality on a basic inoffensive colour combo. Tally Ho by Dan Rule has a super vintage feel, so well designed and the numbers are trickling quite low already.

Lastly for my mini Tuesday blog. Monster in the Closer by Efrem Palacios is cute and funny and I wish this was available for kids I could totally see my son rocking this tee. The cookie monster and his gigantic hairy arm is simply awesome. Love the model pics in this too, cookie costume for Christmas please Santa!




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