Notorietees: Shirts With Buzz #5 (I Prefer the Drummer, Airbrushed Atrocities, Movie T-Shirt Anthology (Infographic))

by Travis on August 9, 2012

Another week, another batch of t-shirts with buzz (the good, the bad, and the ugly)…

>She’s got the beat. [9Gag]

Le sigh...

>Accused stalker runs afoul of the fashion police with her curious t-shirt selection. [Deadspin]

Hit and run

>Here’s a compilation of 15 airbrushed t-shirts, most atrocious, a few awesome. [Buzzfeed]

Where's the dislike button?

Among the better ones:

Why so serious?

>An anthology of iconic t-shirts from the reel world (that is to say, film). As with any list of this kind, I might quibble with a few of the selections (or non-selections as it were), but the concept and execution are very clever. How many can you identify? []

Tees from the reel world

(Click image to enlarge)

>Early Flicker, an online t-shirt boutique with an eBay storefront, has “reportedly registered both the logo and slogan of hacktivist collective Anonymous with France’s trademark agency, INPI.” That old adage about messing with the bull seems particularly apropos in this instance… [Gawker]


In a video posted to Youtube, Guy Fawkes promptly promised that the organization’s revenge would be both severe and swift.

>A war shirt worn by Chief Joseph sold at auction for $877,500. [Indian Country]


>Parental fail (& abject creepiness) [Source unknown]

The tits keep coming

>One can only hope that something was lost in translation here with the fringe tee embedded below, which was spotted last month in Beijing. The design prompts a number of questions, most notably: WTF? [Beijing Cream]

Equal opportunity hate parade

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