Daily t-shirt releases for August 17th

by Andy on August 17, 2012

gaming warning signs t-shirt

I think that today’s shirt at TeeFury has a bit too much going on, maybe some of the stronger warning signs could have just been their own shirt.

This is a fun design at Shirt.Woot. but if the T-Rex lay on it’s side it would be able to rub the lamp with one hand, or lift it with one and rub it with the other if you needed to be holding it for the genie to pop out. #justsayin

ERMAGAWD what if the Transformers were Samurais, how cool would that movie be, Michael Bay will thank you soon RIPT, but the movie going public will not.

I’ve always been a fan of a.mar.illo but this doesn’t quite work as a tee for me at DBH, really cool artwork though.

Can’t help but feel that the style of the artwork and text don’t quite match, making this shirt at Qwertee almost feel like a meme post. I really like the artwork though.

Zoidberg meets cthulu in a mashup that makes sense, and Sailor Moon meets Sons of Anarchy in a mashup that might make sense if I’d ever seen Sailor Moon. Either way, both wearable shirts from Shirt Punch.

Hawhaw at that Pizza Party tee over at The Yetee.

It’s not for me but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with ‘Disc Break’ over at The Global Thread Collective.

Pretty nice Cthulu design from Another Fine Tee.

6dollarshirts have got Viking Spirit, how they print and ship a tee for $6 is beyond me, I ought to buy one for one of the HYA bloggers to see what he quality’s like, any of you guys bought one before?

Goodjoe have a shirt tat your kids will like, but I don’t think I could wear this as a 27 year old guy.

People are being Killed for the Jordans in the most WTF story of the day.

A Better Tomorrow have dropped 3 of their v-necks to €19 with free German shipping for their Friday deal.

Please do check out my Spinal Tap megapost that went live yesterday and share it if you like it.

  • Barry

    the viking one is good, that’s it.

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