8-Bit Zombie Summer Release

by Ben_P on August 20, 2012

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Here in the UK you’d be hard pushed to believe that it is the summer, but the release of 8-Bit Zombie’s new line is enough to bring the sun, at least in the tasty form of a tee or hat. What perfect time also to purchase a new hat, at least for countries getting any form of sun. Everyone at HYA probably already knows my love for 8BZ and if you don’t perhaps you should check out my review of some of his merchandise, I positively love this brand because of the passion that goes into his designs and his continued dedication to his fans. It is surprising that he even has any resemblance of a life because of his constant updating on Facebook and his blog and the sheer amount of work that he ploughs into creating his brand. I truly mean it when I say I love this brand because right at the core is just the essence of the 80’s which is perfectly captured through the superb quality garments he creates.

I could probably keep on writing for a long time about this brand but in all honesty looking at his summer line will say more than words ever could. Definitely make sure to check out the 8-Bit Zombie Kids Club bundle which is the front runner of this release and helps even further to bring the 80’s back from the dead.

Sadly this sold out incredibly fast, but will be updated when possible. He posted a lengthy post about his struggle to get plastic lunchbox’s

My personal favourite, I wish it was available as a tee.

For all you Goonies fans out there. I can’t say I’ve actually watched it and now if I did watch it now I think it would be somewhat lost on me, as I assume a lot of the praise about it is due to the nostalgia of having watched it when a kid.

Just a fantastic example of the quality that I have come to expect of 8BZ.

I don’t really need to say anything about this one – MEGA MAN!

Definitely check out the new line, there will be something you will all like there I am sure. This is a brand that I certainly can imagine will be around for years to come and will just grow and grow until it’s an unstoppable (8-bit) zombie apocalypse. Just surrender now and give in.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Abelson/100001777732000 Adam Abelson

    Goonies is not the type of movie that was great as a kid but didn’t hold up to time. It’s a great film – watch it!

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