Daily t-shirt releases & news for August 22nd

by Andy on August 22, 2012

famous zombies t-shirt

TeeFury form a supergroup of zombie-related characters with a really nicely put together design.

Shirt.Woot have a design that looks good and is pretty accurate, but would you really want to wear this shirt? Especially with the careful placement of the dot/asterisk at the bottom (sorry) of the exclamation mark?

RIPT have a pretty cool 8-bit Bounty character selection screen design. So I take it that this style is a meme now?

The print is too big for my tastes at DBH today.

Geekchic’s shirt that has been on HYA twice already gets another outing since it’s up at Qwertee today for Firefly fans.

Shirt Punch have that most natural of mashups, Firefly and Toy Story (yeah, try explaining that shirt to your friends in less than a minute), but redeem themselves with a quite magnificent Doctor Who crest design.

Speaking of completely natural mashups, here’s Cthulu and a Storm Trooper for no particular reason that I can think of. The artwork is really nicely done, it does look great, but I just don’t think the concept is that strong.

Nice style on this Sherlock design at OtherTees, whether I could find many occasions to wear it is another matter, and I would consider myself a fan of Sherlock.

‘Love Is Blind’ at The Global Thread Collective with a design I think would look a lot better on a t-shirt than the dress they’ve put on the model.

Alucard is a character from the Hellsing anime series, and Tee Busters have made this disappointing shirt about it. I think it could be improved by picking one design (the crest or the face) and going with that, both are overkill.

6dollarshirts have a fun Aliens shirt that riffs on the ‘Free Hugs’ campaign.

James Franco is releasing a range of tees costing $89 each… and people complain that the HYA store is too expensive.

David beat goliath in Australia when a case of obvious ripping was exposed.

Yahoo! in Singapore get to the bottom of what Teves & Nasri’s under-shirts meant when they revealed them after scoring on the opening weekend of the Premiership season. I know the British summer hasn’t been up to much, especially here in the North, but surely it gets really hot wearing two shirts whilst playing football?

The new straps have been really popular at Rigu since their release, yay!

  • Douglas Henderson

    “Im a leaf on the wind” was a hilarious scene in the movie, just great subtle humour.

    Funny how big stores think they can get away with plagiarizing

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