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by Mr Four Fingers on August 22, 2012


Awhile ago I received an e-mail from Andy about checking Printmonkey out at their t-shirt launch in London. Between then and now I have eventually got round to posting this review. I had taken photos at the launch night but somehow they made their way off my computer (considering I have deleted my iTunes library before).

What I can tell you is that it was hosted by an independent gallery called Kemistry and their t-shirts were ornately framed and various photographs of models wearing t-shirts adorned the walls. It was very well done. We turned up a little late and missed all the beer (terrible crime) but we were able to nab some awesome discounted t-shirts. I had a brief chat with Ruth from Printmonkey and yes, they are nice people as well.

Craig (beard man) is wearing Night Deer by Remy Dautin which depicts a pink deer with an almost ‘caught in the headlights’ expression and an esoteric symbol at the top of the image. I’m wearing Space, also by Remy Dautin which shows a calm and glorious nebular space with the addition of subtle overlaid triangular shapes. They are both pretty damn sweet. Though Craig has somehow misplaced his t-shirt which he is pretty peeved about.

Though this style of graphic t-shirt may be popular at the moment , this by no means detracts from the fact that Printmonkey has some of the best. Printmonkey’s designs often mix symbols and imagery to create arcane beauty.

Some of their existing stock is printed in American Apparel but I can confirm that they are switching over to using Continentals, which is another good t-shirt company that doesn’t see you paying through the nose for their product. I own a few Continentals and the cut and fabric are good (I think some of Andy’s new logo T’s are on Continentals). All Printmonkey designs are direct to garment printing.

Their packaging is standard and they are not really a sticker company which is fine by be. Some brand presence apart from the invoice on the front of the parcel might be nice to see though.

As a part of the Printmonkey business they also provide the service of creating designs for clients and also printing those designs on t-shirts with no minimum order. If you find you can’t decide on choosing a  design, then they will use their own relevant contacts database and “state of the art survey software” to get you some results.

Printmonkey’s online store prints most of the same designs for men and women which is a bonus and all their designs can be purchased for £24.95


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