Threadless New Today / Back Today (20-22/08/12)

by DeeHYA on August 22, 2012

Been away for a bit! Feeling a bit disenchanted with Threadless at the mo! Anyhoo here are the newbie and reprinted tees from this week so far.

Firstly newbie tee from Monday, a lovely autumnal colour combo and a birdy tee which I think can work for girls or guys, Burning in the Skies by Robson Borges. Also available in hoodie and iphone cover! Threadless slowly seducing me over to the evil ways of apple, tsk tsk,

Have to admit I am a massive fan of twitter, I use it every day, it beats the pants off of facebook in my opinion. Tweet by Brian Cook is an adorable birdy homage to Twitter. It looks even better in the girly Seafoam version rather than the light blue dudes one!

Have to admit I don’t ‘get’ this tee, I don’t think the design works. Circle by David Fleck is an odd mixture of a street scene and a minty green colour mixed in a circle. I don’t think this works at all and I’m not sure why it’s been printed.

I totally understand why United Shirt of America by Allie Mounce has been reprinted. I wish it had turned the patriotic up a notch by making it red, white and blue. I can see my American geography being mega boosted by this tee!

Next design, new one from today is absolutely cute. Mixture of mythical creatures on The Yeti on Vacation by Malo Tocquer. I really love the mixture of blues bet it’s gorgeous on kid fit, I could see my son in this!

On of my fave Threadless tees that I don’t yet own. We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now by Travis Pitts is an awesome up to date version of Scooby Doo with a skinny tooled up Velma! This design is original and desirable, I want it!


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