Daily t-shirt releases for August 29th

by Andy on August 29, 2012

starfox t-shirt

Shirt.Woot have a Starfox shirt that people are finding a bit disappointing since it doesn’t use every letter of the alphabet in the sentence, which does kind of ruin the point of using that particular sentence.

Thundercats are given the college treatment at RIPT with what I feel is pretty nice artwork, it’s certainly had more effort put into it than most college style shirts.

If you want to cover your torso with a bear then boy to DBH have a shirt for you.

Qwertee have a geek tube map shirt that doesn’t really stand up to a lot of scrutiny in terms of making sense, but maybe I’m expecting too much since their source materials doesn’t have much crossover.

Sailor Moon gets the Obama treatment and there’s a Mars Rover inspired Firefly design at Shirt Punch.

There’s some pretty crazy artwork at the Global Thread Collective.

Goodjoe have a couple of winners on the theme of ‘bucket list’ which aren’t blowing my mind but are pretty nice.

6dollarshirts have an old Pac Man joke today.

Another Fine Tee get nostalgic for Battle Cat.

The Yetee have a beer tee. I just looked it up and apparently ‘daikaiju’ means ‘giant monster’.

Rigu has been doing really well recently, with packages being sent all over Europe so far this week, head over to see what all the fuss is about.

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