Threadless New Today / Back Today (3-7/09/12)

by DeeHYA on September 9, 2012

Really need to get my Threadless groove on, ain’t had any streeteam points in months so I haven’t got any new tees to rave about, tees this week are looking a little bit blue, a bit like the weather last week. It’s been fabulous this week in the UK this week.

Firstly on the newbie tees we had Crossing the Rough Sea by Francis Minoza and Laurence Minoza. I think this is probably one of my favourite one of my faves of the week, the colours work so lovely together. The night sky has been depicted so well. I’d wear this for sure!

As I mentioned earlier with the weather being so fantastic I’d imagine lots of peeps have been enjoying a BBQ. While I am a fan of hummus we all need a bit of meat at a BBQ. Who Invited The Herbivore by Gemma Correll is a super cute design I particularly like the girly boat neck.

New tee for Tues was a muted but clever design simply named Songbird by Tang Yau Hoong. It’s a pretty simple idea for a design but has a ‘I see what ya did there’ feel. Numbers are quite small on this already so the Threadless community are obviously loving it!

Now for something completely different! Bit of fox action, Foxy Hip Hop by Alejandro Giraldo Arango is a lovely summery looking tee with a work out / woodland theme! Bet you don’t have one of those already!

Next tee seems to be following the high street feel of rubbish hipster t-shirts. Sure you would probably go into Topman or something at the moment and buy a more original tee than Hit It! by Nils Gerheim. I don’t see any desirable qualities in this design whatsoever.

The next reprint is what Threadless is about in my opinion, cute designs that make people smile, that’s what attracted me to Threadless in the first place. Runnin’ Rhino by Allan Faustino shows a Rhino that just wants to be as skinny as Unicorn, aww! Even the model man looks like he is having a whale of a time!

The next design is a bit more crazy, I don’t fully understand what’s going on with it if I am honest but it’s a rainbow of colours and lots of stuff happening it’s a joy to look at, The Chipper Widget by Matt Lyon even looks good on creme tee (my least favourite Threadless colour).

I love the following design, it’s been reprinted a few times and I’d be inclined to say it’s a grown. I don’t think it works on the brown tee though.  Just Like Honey by Budi Satria Kwan shows a delightfully cute scene of a bear and a little girl sharing a pot of honey from a honey moon. It’s like something from a kids book.

I can’t work out whether I like Friday’s newbie tee, my main concern would be how it would wash. It’s not dull but it’s not exciting either. I by Silvia Rossana is a basic monotone tee which was apparently chosen from the Threadless Loves Photography design challenge, some of my fellas entries were way better than this.

Winning plenty of cuteness points and owl of the week awards Knight Owl by Malo Toquer, there is nothing not to love about this design, the expression on the owl’s face is absolutely priceless!


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