T-shirts for lovers of vintage cars & motorcycles [Submitted]

by Andy on September 12, 2012

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Decent motorcycle t shirts are hard to come by! However, petrol and gear heads will be thankful for the retro inspired designs by Vintage Classic Originals.

Iconic vintage cars and motorcycles beautifully designed with crafted type are the top feature of these t shirts. The attention to detail makes these these shirts stand out from others. Not only do the hand drawn illustrations look awesome, enthusiasts will appreciate the accuracy of each design. You can really see the passion behind each t shirt.

Check out their website to see the rest of the range.

Andy: I’m no expert when it comes to vintage cars and bikes, sure, I think they look cool, but I imagine that if I had a vintage car I would spend more time getting towed home than actually having fun driving it. So, this brand clearly isn’t for me, but I can imagine there being a lot of people it would be popular with and the designs are nicely done too. I’m not particularly enamoured with the name, it’s one of those where all the words can be used fairly interchangeably, yes, it gets across that they sell vintage looking designs, but there’s nothing to suggest that it’s car or motorcycle based, which might work against them in the future.

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