Brooklyn Treasury – Made in Brooklyn

by Umang on September 14, 2012

The folks at Brooklyn Treasury reached out to HYA for a post and I was taken by “Brooklyn” part. Brooklyn is home for me and it’s great to see that Brooklyn Treasury is creating something different. The designs are a fresh take on what I would consider a Modern Baroque feel. The graphics remind me of a simplified version of the paintings by Kehinde Wiley who seamlessly integrates urban and Baroque. They are not quite in the Kehinde class as of yet, but this is a good start for a young company that started in 2011.

I found their about page to be a little confusing in terms of connecting their products to their mission. The name Treasury was used, “because we believe art deserves safe keeping in the same way others protect precious items like currency, gold and diamonds”. These are t-shirts in the end and they have mass produced graphics on them. Calling any t-shirt and piece of precious art is a little over the top. I almost wish that there was no mission statement. It takes years of knowing a Brooklynite before they feel comfortable to tell you about themselves. Keep it mysterious, is my recommendation.

Eagle Eye T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $35.00

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