Hate America? Vote Obama T Shirt [Submitted]

by Andy on September 14, 2012

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Hate America? Vote Obama.. A Anti-Obama Campaign T Shirt

Andy: I’m only posting this because it disgusts me and it’s really dumb, but the really stupid thing is that some people will probably buy it. I watch a lot of the news, and it saddens me to see just how far to the right the Republicans have gone, they’re pandering to the very loud minority and I wonder if they realise what they look like to the outside world with the way they go about politics. That said, I am slightly biased, because I believe Barack Obama wants the US to be a better place and to improve it, whereas I do not believe anything that Mitt Romney says (Politifact judging of fact vs fiction in statements by RM & BO and you’ll see what I mean).

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