Threadless New Today / Back Today (17/09/12)

by DeeHYA on September 17, 2012

Just an ickle blog today of Threadless New Today / Back Today tees from today! It’s all a bit blue down in Threadless-ville today but a nice mix of super serious & cute and funny.

Newbie tee shows a pretty detailed image of a tiger, it’s lovely and ornate probably why it’s been named Ornamental Tiger by Victor Calahan. The gold /yellow print totally pops against the navy tee. I do think this tee has a high street feel but I love the colour combo.

Reprinted cute goodness comes from Know Your Dinosaurs by Sarah Sobole. This is simply adorable and the pastel colours work perfectly, I’d love to get this tee for one of my babies although it’s apparently not been reprinted for them. Even the nomming at the bottom doesn’t stop this tee from being cute.

Threadless also have an offer on currently where if you buy a canvas or iphone cover you can grab a $10 tee using code : $10tees . Check out the deal on Threadless and have a good old rummage

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