Recognize Your Saints Available for pre order [Submitted]

by Andy on September 20, 2012

Uberalles Clothing Releasing 3rd design, Recognize your saints available now! get free shipping if you place your order before September 22nd Limited amount available. Available in different colors.

  • dbx1

    I’m intrigued by the design but I do not understand it. I don’t get it. Is the upside down cross supposed to be a statement against the Christian church? Or… Is it a statement to believers to be mindful of false religious figures? or… is it just kind of just rebelling for its own sake? The design is not sufficiently artistic to stand on its own – so the message has to carry the shirt’s raison d’etre… and to me, the message purports to be a powerful one, yet doesn’t reveal its meaning, so it comes accross a little “assy” I guess.

  • Belcestire

    I completely agree. The design is simple and doesn’t stand on its own and the meaning is strong, although I dont believe the upside down cross is anything unholy, to me I like it, and the meaning to me is to recognize the people that are good. But it needs further detail to explain its meaning

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