Sacred Stitches – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on September 24, 2012

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

At the same time I approached Sacred Stitches for a  review  they coincidentally had a bank holiday discount code . Get in.

Sacred Stitches is the product of a successful and hard working  duo, namely Anna Wenger and Moses Cordell reigning from coastal Brighton in the UK. By hard working I mean just that as they design, print all clothes & cushions,  model for photographs and yes, the list goes on. All that hard work is backed up by some of the edgiest t-shirt designs around and if you are into skulls then this is the place to be. Their designs have a distinct tattoo feel about them and rightly so as they work closely with tattoo artist James Robinson from Gilded Cage and James Woodford from INTO YOU.

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

The T-shirt we bought is the amazing Fox Skull scoop neck black t-shirt. What was curious to me about this design was the hands. I recognized the style. For anyone that may recall, the first review I did for HYA was on a  designer by Dooom and these hands are by the same designer. So after some snooping I found out that Dooom collaborated with Marek Mundok to create this wicked design. Man, there is a lot of talent under Sacred Stitches tattooed wings.

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

The fabric is Continental 100% combed cotton slim fit fine jersey. It’s pretty thin, you know, in that cool thin way. The design is ‘printed’ with discharge inks so the design can be seen when reversed and is super soft.There is no other branding in the form of labels or tags, though there is a logo on the front of the t-shirt that I think would be better suited to the inside collar. I didn’t receive the packaging so I can’t really comment on it.

I’m really impressed with Sacred Stitches for not only producing such great designs but for also producing so much work, I mean just check out their website. Two people and some helping friends! Man I feel lazy. Check out their online store where you can by men or womens T’s for £23.99 and make sure to check out their other products like hoodies, vests , cushions, prints…


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