Threadless Disney Villains Tees!

by DeeHYA on September 25, 2012

Wahoo something exciting to blog about on Threadless, they’ve changed their website again so I’m not sure how to go about blogging (again!) however I simply had to post my faves of the printed tees from the Disney Villains design challenge.

So I am going to start off with one of my faves! Ursulines by Patrick Seymour is an awesome portrayal of the badass villain from one of my Disney favourites of all time The Little Mermaid. This design is so crisp and perfect I desperately want this meanie on my belly!

I like the following design because it doesn’t scream ‘DISNEY’ as much as the rest and also it’s red. All Powerful by Bert Segunial shows evil mastermind Jafar from Aladdin. The hot colour palette is perfect for this tee.

The next tee is somewhat evil and beautiful at the same time. The Evil Queen from Snow White is probably one of the fittest villains Disney has given us and the design Wicked Wiles by Yuri Lobo is faberoo. Would of been nice, in my opinion, if they’d somehow mixed in how the queen looked when she was disguised as the old lady.

Let’s be honest when you think Disney villains this is the gal who comes to mind, Maleficent. She used to terrify me when I watched Sleeping Beauty as a child. I love the design homage to her, Queen of Dragons by Elizabeth Turnsek has captured this evil ladies deviousness down to a T.

Another evil lady who was far too skinny in my opinion is Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmatians.  I like that this design is on a blue tee, it breaks up the grey and black. Puppy Love by Paul Tippett is a very simple but effective print style design!

BEST TEE OF THE SET ALERT. I want this tee so much that it hurts. Mistresses of Evil by Enkel Dika is an awesome collection of some of the most sinister sisters in Disney. So well done if it doesn’t sell out in a few days (in girly fit) I will be shocked and stunned. It’s on my list for Santa, hoping for reprint!





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