Introducing TeePony: Cool tees from Brighton

by Andy on September 28, 2012

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Thinking about it, I’ve never really been to Brighton, I’ve driven through in a hurry once but never actually taken a good look around one of Britain’s coolest cities. It’s funny how I’ve been so many places and yet there are loads of places in the UK that I’m yet to explore. Hell, I’ve only been to Scotland 3 times and the border is only an hour away from where I live.

TeePony, who as you’ve by now worked out are located in Brighton on the South coast, are a new-ish company producing limited edition tees for men. Considering that they’re new it’s suprising to see they already have 48 tees in their range, which is something that you wouldn’t expect from a brand that was even one or two years old. There is definitely a certain style to what they’re doing, bold shapes and patterns, it’s all very appealing and I can see people wanting to buy it if they were in a shop (TeePony are aiming to get themselves in a few boutiques). I do see one tee in there which has Banksy artwork on it, which is something I don’t like to see, and a few of the other pop culture designs may be a little suspect when it comes to copyright (I like the designs, I just don’t know if they could get in trouble for them), but other than that there is a lot to like here. With their super-quick release schedule I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of TeePony soon.

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