“Dis-Obey” t-shirt by Live Fast Stay Young

by Andy on September 29, 2012

Post image for “Dis-Obey” t-shirt by Live Fast Stay Young

If only these guys were able to find an attractive model to wear their t-shirts and give this brand some sex appeal…

Costiness=$17.95 Buy it at Live Fast Stay Young

  • Dildonius

    disobey makes no sense considering obey is ironic. stupid concept

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I’m not sure if you clicked through or not, but here’s what they were intending to convey: “This is in no way a “dis” on the artist behind the obey project. This is
    yet another statement to be made. For all the one’s who thought jumping
    on the bandwagon was “standing out”. Reality check, you just conformed.
    This is meant to show someone wants to break the barrier and really
    think for them self. This is a challenge to truly step out and be

  • Dildonius

    What you described is the exact message shepherd fairy was sending before he sold out. Obey with its aggressive imagery was meant to show how heavily we are forced to conform and to suggest we shouldn’t. The very concept of using graffiti to write Obey should make people realize the irony as tagging is a perfect example of disobedience. I think the idea behind this shirt is exactly the same, the only difference is they aren’t using irony as Obey did….sadly Obey is now associated with conformity because of its popularity. Either way I think the shirt is redundant.

  • ifeltliketyping

    you just said ” Before he sold out”….the entire message of the shirt.. The shirt would ONLY be redundant if Obey had NOT sold out.The description on the website clarifies that. The point was YES obey stood for not conforming, but in the end they did. So it is a “double ironic” shirt. The shirt makes you have to think past what is pushed into our minds from society.

  • iseetees

    haha i think it makes perfect sense. They are showing that even a brand that had a mission statement of “not selling out” and “not conforming” turned into exactly what they were against. Props to these dudes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dakshinamurti Salazar Dakshinamurti

    You totally pwned dildonius there!

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