Daily t-shirt releases for October 2nd

by Andy on October 2, 2012

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It’s Twofury at TeeFury today with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crest and a panda sat on a ‘Game of Thrones’-esque… throne, because….?

Dracula gets the retro Batman treatment at Shirt.Woot, finally!

There’s a Fallout inspired shirt at RIPT.

I would LOVE to see this DBH design on a poster.

Qwertee have been watching Back To The Future.

Shirt Punch want to believe there’s a theme park based on the Goonies (which would be FANTASTIC), and have a fun mashup of Totoro an Smokey the Bear.

The Yetee have a shirt for Pokemon fans, a group that I can’t count myself amongst.

Nowhere Bad have a Silence of the Lambs shirt that’s kind of dark if you think about it, still, at least it’s original.

I have no idea what a ‘wheeze’ is in the Harry Potter universe, and I’m cool with that, even if it means I don’t understand this design at TeeRaiders.

I feel like this design at the Global Thread Collective would have been improved if it didn’t have the text.

Tee Busters have a very average design.

6dollarshirts have a design that your uncle would love.

FSC Tees have become (the extremely generic) Gimmick Tees and open the new site with an Obama ‘HOPE’ poster x They Live design.

This shirt is 40% off today at moreTvicar.

Rigu is still awesome.

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