Hands on review: One Thousand Shirts

by Ben_P on October 2, 2012

Onethousandshirts, perhaps one day they will reach their name and literally sell thousands of shirts. Who knows? They’re certainly off to a very good start though.

It was perfect timing receiving the T-Shirt ‘Heart of the sunrise’ because I had just come back off Holiday dreading returning to normality, so this certainly put a little spring in my step. Lovingly packaged in tissue paper with brown string (well slightly thicker than string), a classic parcel really. That’s something I really like in a brand, the care and thought of their packaging so they certainly get the thumbs up from me!

On to the T-Shirt, it’s a very lovely design of presumably a bison with a bustling city upon it’s back. I cannot fault the actual design of the image because it really is lovely, my favourite of the 3 shirts they sell so I’m very lucky and glad that they sent me this one! The price is £20 which is reasonable considering it’s printed upon earth positive shirts by continental clothing, which are climate neutral (Yay! Not damaging the environment!), the print is hand done by Max Bondi and Oliver Barrett who run the company so it’s nice to know it’s all done in house. I really like it when they say who prints the garments even if it’s not personally done by them as you can (if you’re particularly interested) research about the companies who print them and their environmental policies for instance. It’s a nice two colour print which I can’t really fault, no visible cracking unless you pull slightly on the garment. The only downside I’d say to this tee is that the colours they chose I feel don’t give justice to the wonderful design, there isn’t enough contrast and overall it’s too dark. I could be wrong but I feel that it would do better with a higher contrast, maybe it’s down to personal preference but you can decide for yourselves in the photos I’ve taken.

We are committed to making high quality shirts and aim for the highest environmental and ethical standards in the suppliers we use.

I think what is fantastic is that these guys really have thought about the environment when producing their products, from the packaging to the inks they use. More information can be found on their website, I think it’s really nice that they give all this information because it’s nice to know for consumers that they’re contributing to people who really take a passion in their designs and how they affect the world. If that means paying a little bit more than you might for other brands I think it”s well worth it. Kudos to them!

These guys have two other t-shirts which are up for sale, they’re also very nice but less to my taste so I’m very lucky that they sent me the one I preferred (by pure luck!) as I didn’t have to think hard for nice complimentary things to say about it. It’s nice to also see that these guys are from London and doing us Brits proud! Perhaps I’ll have to take a trip there to visit their workshop, if they’d be so kind as to have me. Always nice to see behind the scenes. Anyway enough chit-chat you can see the photos, check out the website and decide for yourself but these guys are certainly worth supporting and should be on your radar for future releases.

  • http://www.yanmosdesign.com yanmos

    Lovely shirt!

  • http://www.facebook.com/punk.ben Ben Procter

    It really is, what do you think about the colours? I don’t know why I just thought it lost detail on the design a tad from the low contrast.

  • http://www.yanmosdesign.com yanmos

    i like low contrast but i think loses some details because of the color
    of the shirt. Heather grey is a difficult color to show details.

  • http://www.facebook.com/punk.ben Ben Procter

    Hadn’t considered the shirt colour. I think I might have been being a bit picky because looking at it in the full shot of the tee the design looks really good, just up close it lost a bit of the detail. I suppose you don’t really want it to be too sharp otherwise it would look a bit odd…

  • Stella

    Love this t-shirt. Is this available for girls too?

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)
  • http://www.facebook.com/punk.ben Ben Procter

    Brilliant! Yeah its very nice, awesome that they’ll get a sale from it!

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