Young Love Apparel impress with their first collection

by Andy on October 4, 2012

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Young Love Apparel are a recently launched brand that describe themselves thusly:

Alternative clothing for girls and boys. Our designs are formed from our
interests in music, photography and literature. Our simple black and white
aesthetic has been influenced by guys like Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston and
Charles Burns among others. We are a independent Manchester based clothing

Here’s another great example of why product shots matter, imagine if these designs from Young Love Apparel were just on a boring mockup, you probably wouldn’t want to buy any of them, right? But with these well taken product shots which have a bit of personality (and attractive models) all of a sudden I want to wear this stuff and think it looks really cool, the photos really bring out the potential of the designs. T-shirts will run you between £18 and £22.50, and a sweatshirt is £28. Definitely looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with, especially since they’re just (two hours) down the road in Manchester.

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