Burn Card Review (http://burncardclothing.com)

by DeeHYA on October 7, 2012

Been a while since I did a review for good ol’ Hide Your Arms! I’ve been up to my eyes in busy and then I keep planning complex location photoshoots and they never come off how I want them to. So here in these photos above I am standing on my bed!

I recently got this tee from Burn Card to review.  First thing I have to say is the packaging was pretty cool. I really enjoy the box which totally flowed with the feel of their site. Only downside was that it didn’t fit through my letterbox so it was left with a neighbour however I think it makes a tee from Burn Card an awesome gift because it comes in a nifty box.

The website is very clean, there is no confusion. You click on ‘Original T-shirts’ and there you are to their collection of tees. They also run regular competitions so you could easily be in with a chance of winning a tee if you don’t want to part with you’re hard earned cash before sampling the merchandise.

Their designs are pretty simple and mostly based around their ‘Burning Club’ motif. I like the one that I got with just the company name on, it’s a lovely blue/grey colour and it’s a lovely thick and high quality fabric. Washes like a dream to I hasten to add! Also they have a sale on if you want to have a nosey at cut price goods!

Only downside as far as I can see is that the design selection isn’t particularly diverse but if you like one of their tees chances are that you will like them all. All the tees are in man fit too but they are probably more likely to appeal to the gent half of the population. I however find this tee very cosy and comfy and I am likely to wear it round the house or tucked into jeans! If your boyfriend has a Burn Card tee it’s good one to steal.

Overall I’d recommend hopping into the Burn Card sale now because these quality tees at £7.98, they aren’t going to be round for long!

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    That packaging is wicked

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