Dynamic Style Clothing – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 8, 2012

Dynamic Style Clothing

With a name like Dynamic-Style Clothing you are setting yourself up for something good and in this case these guys are definitely not letting anyone down. I was first introduced to Dynamic Style clothing after seeing some of their designs printed by Digisin and it just so happens that one of these designs is this very t-shirt, ‘DS X Luca Battles’. Other designs that also caught my eye with the ferocity of a flying fish hook were those of Iain Macarthur who is a blady legend!

After seeing these designs I decide to explore D-S further to find out that they are a young UK street wear brand that has a host of fantastic designers in, Iain Macarthur, Alex Fowkes, Nick Cocozza, Tom Gilmour, Luca Battles and Henry Boon. They have awesome product photography, company ethos,  their presence on FB is friendly and they share some pretty cool shit.

Thanks go out to Peter Fordham, D-S founder, who sent me this D-S X Battles t-shirt for review and yes, excitement ensued. Luca Battles is an alias for Sydney based graphic designer Lucrezia Tettoni; a man with some prodigious talent. This is one of the most attractive pattern t-shirts I have seen because of the combination of geometric shapes, texture and colour. Because this is  Direct to Garment printed design the colours and subtle mixing of them is gorgeous , like ink spattered morning mist. There are also other colour options in Blue, Bloodred, Rust and Pink and you can have the option of this Aqua design being printed on Heather Grey.

The design is printed on a standard fit premium cotton t-shirt and as usual this means it’s a little long for me but fits the chest well. Don’t take this as good advice but when this is the case for me I always give a light tumble dry and the t-shirt normally fits me pretty well afterwards. Take care when washing DTG t-shirts as with care you can make the colours last much longer. But this is no news for anyone who does washing!

I sometimes see young t-shirt companies not ‘owning’ a t-shirt and by that I mean the branding on the t-shirt. Though most companies at least have a inner collar label. Dynamic Style clothing are smashing this one out the park with a lovely inner label, arm tag (hell yes) and a nice printed crest logo on the back of the t-shirt at the collar. Oh yes and there was a swing tag sticker neatly attached to label.

It’s always good to see some extras included in your packaging and  D-S don’t let you down again with the inclusion of not one but two Iain Macarthur A3 prints one of of them being the ‘All Seeing Eye’. Yes they were battered to hell but nothing a frame won’t fix!

Dynamic-Style Clothing are like those cool guys you see but what makes them different is that they are inclusive. It’s all about the ‘us’ and not ‘them’. They also contribute 10% of the sale to Spinal Research UK which is good to see. T-shirts can be bought from their online store for £23 and jumpers are £36.

There is sure to be more great things to come from Dynamic Style clothing so better check them out.

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