Review: Tee Pony has a terrible name, good shirts

by Chris_S on October 14, 2012

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Andy already mentioned Tee Pony a little while back and had nice things to say about their designs – so naturally, we decided here at HYA to delve a little deeper and get hands-on with a review.

Tim from Tee Pony sent along release 014 – Gorilla for me to wrestle with, along with a nice little note, a business card and a handy carrying bag for the whole package. On a purely decorative note, it’s great to see tee brands putting this much effort into the presentation of their work. As Tee Pony say on their site, they’re a boutique, limited-run (500 pieces a pop) tee company and it’s good to have a little theatre introduced into the product. You want to have the anticipation of unwrapping the shirt. It makes it much of a bigger deal – and so the little touches add to the excitement.

The tee is a super soft stock, and the printing is great. The reason why I’m so keen on this design is that it’s one of the least outlandish on the site. Andy’s already made his views clear on a lot of the Tee Pony designs: the good, original ones are great; the lesser ones which rely on pop culture references kind of bring the brand down.

That’s a note that really can be carried over to other tee companies – and actually, to almost any company or brand there is. You don’t want your work to date – especially if customers are paying £29 for an exclusive tee. You want a lot of wear out of it, and you want to be able to return to it in five years time and not have it look dated (try wearing a Budweiser ‘Whassssup?’ t-shirt today without being laughed out of a club. The way fashion works you could stuff it at the back of a drawer for another five years and it becomes ironically retro, but still…)

In response to Tim from Tee Pony’s note, I am enjoying the tee. In fact, it’s had two wears (and a wash each time, thanks!) in the first week of owning it, and I’ve had a couple of positive comments about it. These guys are putting out a great product and are a brill new addition to the tee world. Keep checking back with them for their new designs each week: the current bike-based one looks superb.

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