A/W2012 at Sinstar Clothing is ‘made bulletproof’

by Andy on October 16, 2012

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With Sinstar being British, and me being British, and most of you reading this being American I feel like Sinstar are quite a hard sell. Their designs look great, I think that everyone can agree on that, they were on the forefront of the trend in the UK at the moment for large-print photo tees and this latest range is very strong. The problem is the price, Americans are used to paying a certain about for a t-shirt, and £35 (about $55) isn’t it.

It’s a real pity because their t-shirt quality is absolutely fantastic, they sent me a sample a year or so ago and I was pretty blown away by the quality level, well-cut custom tees that are soft and hold their shape wash after wash, and a butter-soft print that refuses to get worse over multiple washes. Then again, not every brand needs to crack America to be popular, Sin Star are very popular indeed (and for all I know they could be big in the US too), and I’m sure this new collection will do nothing to harm that situation.

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