Say hello to Hypnowl Empire

by Andy on October 19, 2012

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Threadless alumni Heiko (aka thestateofthings) recently got in touch to let me know that he has decided to branch out and start his own t-shirt label called Hypnowl Empire, and I’m sure glad he did because as you can see he’s got some really nice designs.

These American Apparel printed shirts do cost $39.99 each, and there’s no way to make that look cheap, but Heiko is in Australia and it costs a lot more to bring in the AA blank t-shirts, and printing costs more, basically everything costs more. I am sure this situation is much more frustrating to the people that try and build their brands than those of us that just want to buy those lovely shirts. I hope that Heiko can build a following in Australia at the very least because it would be great to see this brand grow and release more of those lovely designs.

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