Yonil – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 22, 2012

Yonil Review

Not so long ago Andy posted about Yonil and his massive 40% discount and upon seeing some of his designs I definitely had to check them out. As it happens Yonil is one seriously talented person and the discount made the purchase a no brainer. These are designs I would buy regardless of the discount. I actually first saw one of his designs without the name sinking in with one of his designs for Design By Humans called We Did This To Ourselves, one of the most interesting design placements on a  t-shirt I have seen. It was only after reading another post on Yonil by Andy that I found out that this design was actually a winner in a competition in DBH that saw him win 10K!

The two t-shirts on this review are Portrait if an Insignificant Universe ( worn by Craig AKA The Stash) and The Village ( Me, Doug AKA Take 100 photos of me before I’m remotely happy). Even though I know for a fact that Yonil was rammed with orders from the massive discount, I received my t-shirt promptly with no worries at all. On the website it states that the t-shirt is “custom cut” so Im not sure what the cut is based on but it sure fits well. The design is frikken odd and that’s why I love it. I think that’s a goat and I seem to have a totally healthy thing for goats.

Yonil hits the spot on all levels and I can’t fault him for anything really. His website is great,as he is also a good designer,  so it’s a pleasure to wander around in. There is also a pretty cool stock percentage counter to let you know what is available. Yes others do this but his is just cooler. I may be biased though.

All of the t-shirts on Yonil’s store are $25 and you can also buy t-shirts on DBH by having a look at his gallery (to see what was printed). He also has some poster prints available on Society 6.


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