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by Ben_P on October 24, 2012

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I’m going to start off by saying I really like Masked Hero Clothing, it’s a really strong start with a few flaws but overall I really enjoyed everything that I received. First off, 3 shirts, that’s awesome amount for a review but I can’t just give him credit for sending me a lot of stuff – that’s not how we roll around here! The whole concept of Masked Hero Clothing is interesting in that it’s t-shirts you’d find in the superhero universe, your average Joe might not quite understand these shirts (which I didn’t to be fair) but it certainly will appeal to a market, I mean I buy shirts of less known things so there’s got to be a big market for superhero clothing especially with the recent Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises for instance.

The packaging was really cool that it came in, a customized box with t-shirt and goodies slotted in. Badges, comic books, calling cards for the company. Pretty sweet deal in my book. What really struck me was that a lot of thought and care had gone into the packaging and the whole experience of getting your t-shirt, and that’s what a lot of guys are missing even in the more established brands.

This one more people are likely to understand given the recent Dark Knight Rises film, it’s a design based around the Gotham Rogues football team which are featured within the film. I wouldn’t actually know because I never got round to seeing the film – woops. A 2 colour presumably screen printed design, the print is decent not showing any visible signs of cracking when stretched. The tee (all of the tees in fact) also washed well and didn’t degrade or shrink. I think what might have been nice was the inclusion of the football team name either on the front or the back, but at face value of what it is you’re going to probably love this t-shirt if you’re a big fan. While the designs are good, not particularly massively strong with some designs you can find out there, what really brings the whole t-shirt together is the inclusion of an inside custom label and a sleeve tag, which look really nice.


The Spiderman – Hudson University t-shirt much like the Rogues t-shirt is a single colour print and again includes all the additional charms of the inside custom tag and sleeve tag. No visible signs of cracking, the design is a bit more subtle compared to the rogues one so I believe you’d have to know a fair bit of superhero lore to really enjoy this t-shirt. That’s not to say that it is a bad thing because there are markets for t-shirts like this out there, and I hope that Masked Hero Clothing does reach their audience because it’s well executed. I think what could be interesting as an addition to this design could be a list on the back of graduates from the university, to give it a more authentic feel.


The final tee, The Superman – Strykers Island Penitentiary is my favourite because of the dark grey on black design which to me feels quite classy, it’s a cracked design and the print is a little bit loose, I think this is due to the process in which they make the design cracked. Someone feel free to educate me on this because I believe it is to do the curing process? I did notice you could pick off little bits of the design but really it doesn’t make a difference as it is a purposely cracked design.


Overall these 3 designs are pretty cool, and if you’re a fan of the specific superhero I’m sure you’d love to express your passion with these t-shirts produced by an equally passionate guy. One thing to note though was that the 3 t-shirts all seemed to have a slight different feel in size/shape to them. I noticed it less after the wash but when I first tried them on it was quite obvious that they weren’t all one size. This however isn’t a fault of his own and you can’t expect him to try on every t-shirt he has made, so don’t let that put you off buying the t-shirts as after the wash it did feel better.

It might sound like I’ve nitpicked a lot at this brand, and I really only have done this because I want him to succeed. The designs are strong on their own but I think they could benefit from being a bit more to edge in front of similar tee designs like this, saying that though the whole experience of getting your t-shirt is fantastic the inclusion of such interesting and fun goodies is awesome. Reading the old comic books is really interesting too and it’s nice that they didn’t repeat with each order I received. I truly wish him the best of luck because he clearly is passionate about what he does as you can tell from his website and blog where he discusses lots of upcoming superhero based news such as the recent release of The Arrow TV show.

I’d also like to publicly apologise for my appalling photos of myself wearing the t-shirts. I don’t photo well.


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