Dusty Paw Supports Movember!

by Ben_P on October 27, 2012

I’ve posted and reviewed Dusty Paw before. I think he’s great personally, really passionate guy about what he does and produces some charming garments. This year for Movember he is releasing a t-shirt for the occasion. I think it’s primarily a UK thing, although feel free to let me know if this happens in other countries.


Why grow a moustache when you can wear one?

Movember is a charity for moustache lovers. It raises funds for male prostate and testicular cancer. Every
year for the month of November, men from around the country, to the dismay of their female companions,
stop shaving those bristles above the lip to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer. Dusty Paw, the
independent t-shirt company which prides itself on ethical production, quality products and stylish designs,
have gone one step further: giving 50% of the profit from each sale to Movember charity.

Made from 100% ethical, ring spun cotton and designed with length and fit in mind, Dusty Paw’s heather
grey Movember t-shirt is inspired by the 14th Century Italian mostaccio. Placed directly under the neck line to
enable users to lift the t-shirt over their top lip and imitate their very own crumb catcher, the design is witty,
unique and stylish.

This unisex t-shirt retails for £12.99 + P&P – With 50% of profits from each sale going to Prostate and testicular

cancer. Sold exclusively from www.dustypaw.com.

This is certainly a worthwhile cause and with 50% of the profits going toward Prostate and Testicular cancer I think it’s a good way to spend a little bit of money, get a fun looking shirt that you could where all year round and feel good about yourself for donating to charity! So what are you waiting for, go over to his site now and get one!


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