6dollarshirts launches in the UK as £10poundtees, gives you a worse deal in the process

by Andy on October 31, 2012

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In my Facebook sidebar a few days ago I noticed an ad for a site called 10poundtees who had a rather familiar model with an epic beard, so I just had to click though. Proof that Facebook advertising works every so often!

Clearly, this is just a UK front for the 6dollarshirts empire, the shirts are still sent from their HQ in Florida and the designs are the same. Maybe in the future they’ll add some more Brit-centric designs but for now there’s just a selection of their designs which are currently available on their main site.

In terms of price, you’re probably thinking that $6 is a lot less than £10, and you’d be right, but 10poundtees do offer ‘free’ shipping on UK orders. This made me wonder what the price difference is compared to ordering from the main 6dollarshirt site, let’s look at the numbers remembering that these are the same shirts being sent from the same location to the UK.

1 shirt from 10poundtees = £10
1 shirt from 6dollarshirts = $6 + $9.78 delivery charge (approximately £9.83 according to a Google currency conversion checked 30/10/12)

2 shirts from 10poundtees = £20
2 shirts from 6dollarshirts = $6 + $6 + $15.78 delivery charge (approximately £17.31)

3 shirts from 10poundtees = £30
3 shirts from 6dollar shirts = $6 + $6 + $6 + $20.68 delivery charge (approximately £24.08)

10poundtees do have a discount for buying 10 shirts, there doesn’t seem to be a mention of it on the site but when you add 10 shirts to your cart the grand total comes to £90, a £10 saving. At 6dollarshirts you get a $10 saving making 10 tees $50. Let’s run the numbers on that one:

10 tees from 6dollarshirts = $50 + $56.22 delivery charge = $106.22 (approximately £66.13)
10 tees from 10poundtees = £90

I could go on, but I think that I’ve made my point, with the exchange rate being as it is at the moment there is no reason for you to make an order through 10poundtees, even when buying a single shirt. If you’re going to get more then you’re spending about £3 more per shirt ordering through 10poundtees instead of 6dollarshirts since their delivery rates scale by weight whereas 10poundtees build the delivery prince into the shirt price, so the delivery cost is effectively fixed per shirt.

I have found two instances in which it IS cheaper for Brits to order from 10poundtees. 10poundtees charge £10 for all their shirts, including 2XL sized shirts, whereas 6dollarshirts add on a $2 charge for that, so in that case the overall price for ordering 1 shirt is £10 vs $17.78 (approximately £11.08), but if you’re going to order more than one XXL shirt in your order then you might as well go to 6dollarshirts as 2 shirts will cost about £19.80 vs £20 at 10poundtees, and the gap only gets wider as you add more shirts. Similarly, 6dollarshirts charge $0.50 for a girly fitted tee, which makes ordering a single girls shirt from there $16.28 (approximately £10.13) versus £10 at 10poundtees, and of course if you order more than one shirt it again becomes cheaper to order them from 6dollarshirts. I know we’re only taking about a few pence here when buying one shirt, I just wanted to make it clear that I have looked at it and I’m not just making a blanket statement based on a quick glance at the site.

So, apart from being a nicer looking site it would appear that 10poundtees hasn’t get a lot going for it compared to it’s bigger brother, which makes it all a bit pointless for me, though I am quite sure that guys like me aren’t the reason for this site being created, they want to attract a more casual buyer who doesn’t pore over every detail of a t-shirt. If I’ve missed something then please do let me know because I wouldn’t want to make unfair comparisons about the two sites.

  • Mr Yarrow

    thanks for saving me wasting money, was about to buy from 10poundtees, will check 6dollar shirts first

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    All part of the service!

  • Sarah Womblehands Thomas

    I found that last year when we bought about 6 t shirts from 6dollar shirts we had to pay royal mail charges as they had custom charges on top.. added an extra £15 on to our order.. never happened before.

  • Andrew Bowness

    Hi Sarah, it’s annoying when you get a customs charge, but for 6 shirts you should have to pay it and you had either gotten lucky previously or sellers had underpriced the value on the customs declaration. Customs charges are applicable above £15 of value so you pay VAT and sometimes other charges (depending on the product and the value) above that price. As someone that got a £750 customs bill this morning I feel your pain, but it does seem silly that the handling fee on yours would have been about £8 and it was £18 on mine, it seems like it should be a lot lower on smaller orders when it makes up such a large proportion of the overall charge.

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