Dodozero Review :

by DeeHYA on November 1, 2012


Recently got sent a sample from UK based company Dodozero. The designer lives in London but is originally from Mauritius   The tee which was for me to review arrived in a cute litte brown bag which would be awesome for gift giving. I love when tee companies go that little bit further for their customers and make their customers more likely to buy from them again. It’s always the little things that count especially at the moment when it’s even harder to get people to purchase things!

I opted for the tee named ‘Tie-Shirt‘ and I got in a cutesie baby pink colour. The print quality is nice as is the tee quality. It’s a tee I know I will wear again, it’s nice to review a company that caters for woman, I always feel more confident in my shape when I am wearing a girl fit t-shirt.

I do presume the company is quite a new one simply because their isn’t a massive selection of designs and they haven’t taken pictures of them all, some of them are just on Threadless templates, which personally I don’t think is cool but then I’d image it’s expensive to get a bunch of tees printed and if you don’t know a photographer to shoot them that can be costly too. I would like to see images of more of the designs in person though, particularly ‘Big Fat Zero‘ because I think that’s a pretty good way they have thought up to promote their brand.

Their website is simple but it is a bit bare, this makes it easy to navigate though and it’s pretty easy to make a purchase.

You can also connect with Dodozero on Twitter and Facebook if you want to be updated on their news and forthcoming products.

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