Threadless : A Week of New Today / Back Today (29/10/12 – 02/11/12)

by DeeHYA on November 2, 2012

Bit of Threadless New Today / Back Today action to blog, must also crack out a Threadless Sesame Street blog over the weekend too as there are some mighty fine tees in that collection.

Monday newbie tee is winning some serious cute points. Trapped in My Belly by Andy Wilhite shows an adorable little bunny trapped in the tummy of a tiger! Poor little scamp, I have nothing negative to say about this tee! It’s on the wish list.


Don’t Squeeze Me, I’ll Fart by Michael Jonathan Smith, in my opinion, I don’t really see a massive link to the title of the design and also I think it is meant to be a dog but it doesn’t really look much like one. I do like the colour combo and the idea of concept of pocket detail is always a hit.

Toosday Newbie is a lovely Giraffe print which is blowing away like Autumn leaves, I’m not normally a massive giraffe fan but I feel that Autumn’s Fall by Tang Yau Hoong has been done so well and is brimming with originality.

Bit of a reprint of a twist of a WTF tee using the phonetic alphabet. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Esther Aarts is a text tee which is simple to read but the font is scrummy and the fact is is traffic light colours on black makes it super eye catching.

Oooh Doctor Who tee! These are always popular! I’ve Forgotten Why I Shouldn’t Blink by Alice X. Zhang pays homage tothat super memorable episode of Doctor Who, ‘Blink’. I do love this tee but it is creepy as hell! The hoodie is also sweet.

The Optimist by Matheus Lopes Castro is the reprinted tee! Also it has colour and it reasonably detailed I still find this a bit dull, it has a bit of a Banksy feel to it. It’s not a tee I would opt for myself  but I see some people finding the simplicity of this tee appealing.

Nothing says cute like a pumping Trumpet with a cheeky face. I love his expression. Also the fella who is modeling Toot! by Randyotter is totally working it and mimicking the tee! Genius.

Panda Fans! Good news! Day of the Dead Panda by Jason Bergsieker and Enkel Dika is an oldie by a goodie! Monotone tee of win. I think this would make an utterly amazing tattoo.

Friday newbie tee was quite a muted one The Paper Boat by Vincent Angeles would be perfect for those who are partial to a bit of minimalist in their clothing. It’s all basically grey. white and a beige colour. Simple but then sometimes simple is good!

The Choir of Antarctica by Lim Heng Swee is the final tee from this week. Perfect for winter this one, winter colour combo and packed full with penguins! Awesomes!


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