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by DeeHYA on November 4, 2012

Thought I’d just do a swift wee blog of the tees which succeeded in the Sesame Street Threadless design challenge. No idea why every time I think of Sesame Street my mind starts singing the Fraggle Rock theme tune! I remember watching it as a kid yet I can’t really remember much of what happened in the show.

I always had a soft spot for Oscar and you did wonder what the inside of his bin house was like. This tee Oscar’s Hideout by Danielle Ikeda shows her imaginings of The Grouch’s home! He has an epic monobrow just like my Dad. I think this design looks a bit rubbish on the white tee and a lot of the Sesame Threadless tees seem to be white.

I do like the lovely way that Paint Like Count by Chris Philips has been designed. It is very believable and the colours are perfection and this works perfectly on the white tee, plus you get lots of your favourite characters together!

As a lot of the tees seem to be white how about a bit of silver!? Hairy Street by Chelsea Roxburgh shows Mr Snuffleupagus as the main feature of this tee while lots of other Sesame Street faves hide in his fur!

I’d say this following tee is probably my fave beceause it’s not white and it would be a conversation starter. Pixel Street by ray_ben features 15 of the bestest characters all drawn in a pixelated styley. I think this tee is definitely the stand out tee of the bunch!

Growing Up with Colours at Sesame Street by Michele Liza Pelayre I like mostly because it’s a crazy mish mash of allsorts. Your eyes flit from one bit to another bit and it also features the characters as babies. Awww.

Lastly but not leastly for the Threadless Sesame Street blog we have Cookie Moon by Harry Fitriansyah. I think it’s safe to say that Elmo and the Cookie Monster will always been firm Sesame Street favourites! Plenty of Christmas gifts for the Sesame Street lovers in your life here!






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