Goodjoe aiming to raise $99,000 to grow their site and help more non-profits

by Andy on November 8, 2012

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So far in their existence charitable crowdsourced design competition Goodjoe have raised more than $100,000 for non-profit organisations. That is fantastic, but I get the feeling from this new campaign that they want to kick things up a gear and do much much more to help charities and those in the need.

Goodjoe have launched a massive campaign transforming their homepage into a Kickstarter-esque project page aiming to raise a whopping $99,000 to do the following with their site:

Hire an additional full time team member to build more interactive features for the nonprofit stores to help them engage more with supporters.
Give us more budget to host more contests to attract more artists. Our goal for 2013 is to attract 8000 artists to be on
Give us a small marketing budget to reach out to different channel of nonprofits. This is the mos efficient way to achieve the goal of working with 200 nonprofits in 2013.
Increase our purchasing power for shipping and packaging materials to help bring down cost.
And lastly, continue to feed our passion and stomach so that we can strive towards our 2013 goals.

It’s a noble goal, it’s a massive goal, and they’ve given themselves until the last second of the year to reach that goal. It’s a big aim and I really hope they can do it because I like their idea of crowdsourcing charity designs and raising awareness for issues in the process, especially since the resulting tees don’t suffer from the usual problem of charity tees of giving that “look at me, I’m better than you” impression on the wearer. As I say, it’s a Kickstarter-esque crowdfunding project, so there are various levels that you can pledge to, from $1 to $499 with varying levels of reward. Any of you guys going to pitch in a few dollars to get the shirt you can see above?

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