Dusty Paw – Dandelion Tee Review! (Hint: It’s Good!)

by Ben_P on November 12, 2012

It’s become a real pleasure reviewing anything by Dusty Paw. While his designs might not push the boundaries that does not detract from what he produces. Having spoken to him for a few months now as well I know that he’s a straight up top guy with a passion for what he does. It’s also great to see him getting involved in charitable causes by donating 50 percent of his Movember t-shirt to charity.

Anyway on to the tee, it arrives in a plain postage bag, what would be nice is to see some unique or individualistic postage methods from him because the rest of his service is top notch. So that’s really my main suggestion for him today!

The t-shirt is a lovely black on dark grey design which I always like because it’s subtle. The design reminds me of the scene in A Bugs Life where Flick flys across a canyon on a piece of dandelion. The actual description shows that the design is inspired by Gullivers travels. Each to his own I’ve not seen that so I’ll stick with my A Bugs Life reference!

The print is perfect, nothing to fault and again the biggest selling point of Dusty Paw’s slightly above average expensive shirt is the shirt itself. Made from bamboo and organic cotton it’s an absolute delight on the skin which makes a change from many of my tees that I own which are quite rough. The best part aswell is that the softness doesn’t go after multiple washes so you can appreciate it for the duration of the tee’s life!

We also can’t forget the lovely little Dusty Paw tag which adds a refreshing air of professionalism to the t-shirt.

Not only is Dusty Paw a charitable soul with his recent movember t-shirt but all of his tee’s are certified by the fair wear foundation.

Our tee’s are all certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. The FWF aims to improve labour conditions in the garment industry. It is an international verification initiative dedicated to enhancing workers’ lives all over the world. FWF works closely with a growing number of companies that take responsibility for their supply chain. Their principles include the prohibition of forced and child labour, prohibition of abuse and discrimination, fair rates of pay and the provision of a safe and secure working environment. Further information can be found on the Fair Wear Foundation website.

I think what is truly fantastic about Dusty Paw’s t-shirts are that they don’t pigeon hole themselves into a certain demographic. His sleek and charming designs are something everyone can enjoy, my dad who’s not exactly a t-shirt enthusiast enjoyed the Dandlion t-shirt and said he himself would wear it! What better seal of approval do you need? One last little note, he is running a competition for his latest Movember tee, you can join in here!

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