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by Mr Four Fingers on November 12, 2012

More T Vicar

We had the pleasure if visiting More T Vicar  HQ vicar recently in High Wycobe, whereupon I was flooded with t-shirts and could not help but fall in love with their resident Jack Russell, Oscar.

More T Visit 6 480x720 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

I was joined on this blustery day with my mate and busines partner Craig (normally the hairy faced bugger in HYA t-shirt review photosgraphs)  as this was not only a visit for HYA but also for Mr Four Fingers as we are looking at working  More T Vicar soon. I have never visitid a t-shirt HQ before so one thing I was not prepapred for, as stupid as it may sound, was actually seeing the amount of t-shirt that there are kicking about. Literally stacks of them.

More T Visit 16 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 5 480x720 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 4 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 3 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Vicar recently enlisted the services of Damien AKA Damo to me as I have actually had the pleasure of working with the man. I worked with Damo  a few years ago and it was around this time that I started focusing more on illustration with a particular interest in t-shirt designs. He also introduced me to Guitar Hero. I know from experience that anything Damien works on will be good as he has boundless passion and a curious nature that is quite infectious. Before Damo arrived, as we were very early, we had the chance to chat with the lovely Heather, a More T partner and known as ‘The Voice’ . We had a chance to chat more about the More T Vicar history (established in 2003) over some coffee and delicious homemade blueberry cake.

More T Visit 9 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 8 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T  Vicar is a t-shirt brand/store that can do it all. They prints t-shirts, either at their screen printers or with their massive Direct to Garment Kornit printer (more of this when I see it in a few weeks), they stock t-shirts, photograph them in a light tent,  packagage and post. Even the websites are designed and maintained by them. More T Vicar are multi-tiered and are more than capable of assisting you at any level. So if you just want your brands t-shirts stocked, packaged and sold, then BAM, job done.  But it’s always good to know that if you want the whole shebang then More T Vicar can provide.

More T Visit 7 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 15 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 11 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 13 480x480 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

You can easily tell that they have a massive love for the t-shirt sector and like Damien says ” there is a t-shirt for everyone”. This is best illustrated in the More T Vicar online t-shirt store as they stock various designs like simple type/slogan tees, popular culture characters like the immensely popular Chunk Clothing designs and Ren & Stimpy to various other artists like Akumu Ink. More T Vicar are  developing more relationships artists and illustrators and soon their online store with show a whole gamut of t-shirt designs.

More T Visit 17 480x616 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

Damien with an Akumu Ink t-shirts, an artist whom I was initially introduced to on Skull-a-Day.

More T Visit 181 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

Since buying their Kornit printer, which is basically a fancy pants direct to Garment printer form the future, More T have launched a partner website called Major Tee. This online store is focused on made-to-order Direct to Garment printed designs, where the public gets a chance to submit ideas (useful information via this link). If you are selected then for each t-shirt printed you get £1. Now this may not sund like a lot but we are talking about standard slogan and type tees for instance. If you are interested in selling illustrations as a part of your brand or under your artist name then More T will negotaite a better price.

More T Visit 21 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Visit 20 480x319 HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

More T Vicar are extremely friendly and are always up for a chat over some homemade cake (tried and tested), over the phone or via the tinternet so if you have any questions then please ask as they are as keen to hear from you.

We will definitely be seeing and hearing a lot more from More T Vicar and I look forward to working with them. Below are some useful links worth checking out

More T Vicar Online Store

More T Vicar on Facebook

Major Tee

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