Label profile: Danger of Death

by Chris_S on November 12, 2012

Danger of Death class themselves as being aimed at a “more alternative audience”, but as co-owner Nick explains – and I agree with – fans of top-quality illustration might still find something here for them.

The company’s been a year in the making, and they seem keen to do things right. Often, the sort of t-shirts you see at rock shows and clubs can be cheap, faded and poorly illustrated things. Jim and Nick have commissioned some great artists to put out some quality illustrations on tees, hoodies and sweatshirts for their debut line.

A lot of the time with alternative t-shirt designs, you’d feel ashamed to wear them out on the street or in shopping malls. But Danger of Death’s designs just toe inside the line of being too outlandish, while not compromising on the scene’s ideals. They’re not toned down in any way: they’re just admirable illustrations that ordinary people will look on with interest, rather than looking on askance.

Plus, the t-shirts, at £18 each, aren’t that badly priced. We’re going to be getting a review up of the shirts themselves once we get our hands on the product in a week or so. If Danger of Death have caught your eye, keep checking back with HYA to see how they stand up in the flesh.

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