Threadless! New Today / Back Today (12/11/2012 – 16/11/12)

by DeeHYA on November 17, 2012

Hells teeth the Threadless website has changed, I don’t know whether I am coming or going. However it does seem a tonne swifter and whole lot user friendly it is just a bit of an almighty shock.

Here are a selection of my fave of the new and reprinted tees at Threadless over the last week.

Firstly a tee of awesomeness. I have blogged this before and it’s so awesome I am going to blog it again. It’s blue, it features a combo of Bear + Polar Bear = Panda and it appeals to the bear loving child in me!  This is Ultimate Fusion by Chawit Waewsawangwong.

This is probably the design I have been most excited about on Threadless for a very very long time. I am a hardcore role player D&D, Call of Cthulhu, anything from White Wolf, I am a sucker for anything table top game involving dice. Inventory by Terry Mack totally reminds me of Diablo II. My face PC game in the universe.

Amazing reprinted tee. I haven’t see this tee before and I have no idea why, I would totally wear this. Tee with an extreme Banksy feel  Not So Happy by Lora Zombie, I have no idea why this has only been reprinted for guys. The colours are spectacular and the model pic is creepy as hell.

Who loves Zombies? Threadless loves Zombies. Is it true? They do they do they doo-hoo!  I do like this tee and the model pics it’s a shame that you can’t see much of the detail on the model pic though. I think that Early Morning Breakout by Budi Satria Kwan is packed full of originally and a lil bit of gore! Lovely.

Another bit of reprinty goodness with War and Peas by Tim Sutcliffe. I’ve never notice a pebble brown tee before. There isn’t enough Peace in the world and tees that bring that up are always always awesome! In my opinion anyway.

Lastly for this lil blog! Newbie tee Endless Tune by Matheus Lopes is monotone but quite cute. Has almost and Eshery thing going on with it, perfect for any pianist/musician in your life.

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